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Ruins Clan
We are dedicated, mature, experienced, and skilled, and looking for players with similar interests to join our ranks. Each member is dedicated solely to Ruins Clan, which means this is their only clan focus. We hold very fun weekly game nights, and hold weekly clan meetings to spread vital information. We have a strong, experienced, and mature command. We also have training maps and sessions for those that want to increase and hone their skills. We have a solid ranking system, and we reward our members appropriately the way they deserve to be.


There are several things we deem important in potential recruits.


This is one of the most important things required in our clan. Having fun is definitely a must, but we are a clan of mature gamers and we do not tolerate constant whining, annoying comments and kiddy games, and false promises.


Not only being active on a gaming platform, but also in with other clan members, clan activities, and our forums. Being active means being informed and involved in what we do and taking an initiative.


We realize everyone has their own things going on, in real life or online. But we also expect our members to be as active as possible with our other clanmates and clan activites. We also expect our members to only be involved in Ruins Clan alone. We will not tolerate multiple-clan members.


Being in Ruins means being apart of our team. We routinely play Matchmaking, and when we play together we work as a team. We are also a team out of game time as well, and we help each other out whenever we can.